eBay promote products reviews say are fake

eBay sent me a “Sounds too good but it’s true… See what’s selling in your hometown email”, so naturally I did what I was supposed to do and clicked the links.

I have a nephew and the second item on the email, a Hasbro Speak out board game, looked interesting, but then I read the eBay reviews and the alarm bells started sounding.

Perhaps the title should have been enough to warn me off, it says “Genuine Hasbro Brand New Speak Out Board Game” – any time someone needs to say their product is ‘Geniune’ and the klaxons go off. But let’s have a look at the reviews:


Three out of seven reviews say that the product is a fake and all the verified reviews are citing the same product but from a different eBay seller.

Reviews say the product is a fake when purchased from a different seller and this seller feels the need to stipulate that the product is genuine but his negative feedback for the item suggests his stock are also fakes.

We know that eBay’s automated emails are automated… I’m pretty sure a human doesn’t look at the emails and it’s an algorithm that selects the products for sale. It’s unfortunate that they’ve selected a product from a Chinese seller that looks like a fake.

Just to add salt to the wound, the subtitle reads “UK SELL”… I couldn’t possibly comment, but you might well think that this is another deliberate attempt to be misleading.