eBay Branded Packaging now available in the UK

eBay, in partnership with one of their sellers (SwiftPak branded supplies), have launched high-quality, competitively-priced eBay-branded packaging. That means it’s easier to give buyers the full eBay experience when they shop. eBay branded packaging is already available in the US.

Why did eBay decide to do this?

eBay went out to B2C sellers and talked to them about the idea of branded packaging. Sellers liked the price points and eBay got some great feedback on the fact that it could help them to drive loyalty. Based on this feedback eBay went into production with SwiftPak and you can buy eBay branded packaging today.

The new eBay branded packaging is simple to purchase, with free 48hr delivery, through SwiftPak’s eBay shop. eBay are also running a 20% of if you buy two or more items promotion until the end of the month.

Is it a good idea, should you use eBay branded packaging?

We’ve heard all the arguments before: Why would I pay for eBay branded packaging? Surely it’s just syaing ‘Steal me’! etc etc

I’d say buy the packaging if you like the price point and it works for you. If it’s way more expensive than your normal supplier then don’t buy it. If it saves you money than when you need to stock up you might as well save some money.

As for the advertising, every time I buy something from Amazon it comes in Amazon branded packaging. That doesn’t seem to get stolen so why should a carrier steal your eBay parcels? If you’re more concerned that the end user might steal their own parcel and claim Item Not Received, well they can do that regardless of the packaging.

For me personally, would I be happy to receive items in eBay branded boxes or Jiffy bags? Well yes I would, because I honestly could tell you the eBay ID of the last few eBay sellers I purchased from… I’m an eBay customer so eBay packaging makes sense to me.