Amazon’s 1st drone delivery took just 13 mins

In a tweet Jeff Bezos announced that the first ever real life Amazon Prime Air delivery has taken place right here in the UK. Tweeting is a rare event for Jeff, this was his 78th tweet ever but it’s a momentous occasion even if currently only two Amazon customers in the world have access to Prime Air.

The first real delivery took place a week ago on the 7th of December and took just 13 minutes from the order being placed to the delivery of a Fire TV and some popcorn to Richard B, Prime Air’s first real life customer.

Although just two Prime Air customers exist at the moment, Amazon plan to up that to dozens of customers in the near future and rapidly expand into the hundreds. This is more than a proof of concept, this is real customers ordering real products and having them really delivered by drone.

Fantasy stuff it may be, but for a few it’s become reality and with an Amazon warehouse just over the horizon Amazon Prime Air is delivering packages up to five pounds in 30 minutes or less using small drones. (I’m in awe that such a ground breaking service still uses imperial measurements – it looks like our US cousins haven’t bent to the diktat instructing us Brits to use the kilo.)

It’s worth emphasising that this is a fully autonomous flight. No human is directly controlling the drone and once it leaves the warehouse the delivery is full automated with no intervention required.

If you live in the Cambridgeshire area you could potentially be in line for an invite to become Prime Air’s 3rd customer.