Tell them it’s a gift at Christmas time

This may sound patently obvious and that’s because it is: “300 million European online shoppers want to buy gifts for Christmas at this time of year”!

So if it’s that obvious, why is the number one tip on Lengow‘s “10 Steps to Christmas Success!” infographic “Suggest Gift Ideas”? The answer is because as retailers we don’t always remember to put the word gift into titles, descriptions, email marketing and search campaigns.

Anything can be a gift, some people like electronics and will be getting iPads, Amazon Echos, laptops and smart watches for Christmas. Some will be getting their chocolate selection boxes and perfume and aftershave. Others will be asking for really far out weird stuff (that’s me normally) and will be just as happy with a garden hose or a pressure washer. The important thing is to call it out as a gift so that if someone searches for “Garden gifts” they’ll find your items.

It really doesn’t matter what you sell, someone somewhere will want it and someone else will buy it for them for Christmas even if it is a non-traditional type of present. That’s why making sure that your items are labelled as gifts is Lengow’s first tip. They have nine more in the infographic below: