Fire at Amazon’s Rugeley Fulfilment Centre

Amazon Rugeley spTwo men have been arrested for arson after a fire at Amazon’s Rugeley Fulfilment Centre on Sunday night. Staff were evacuated and fire crews attended the fire at 02:15am. Noone was hurt. A 19 year old and a 21 year old have been arrested.

Amazon have said that they do not anticipate the fire to impact operations and that other FCs will be abe to pick up the slack. That said, according to a Tamebay reader, staff at the FC were told not to come to work this morning. Amazon say they are working to have the facility back on track as soon as possible.

There are several important things that are unclear at this time. How big was the blaze? The 700,000 sq ft facility clearly hasn’t burnt to the ground but are we talking about more than a bin fire?

Has stock been damaged? Many Tamebay readers will send stock to the Rugeley facility for storage as part of FBA so you’ll be anxious to know if you’re affected.

If you do hear anything, do drop us a line or add a comment.