eBay Premium Service Discounts not credited

We’re starting to hear from eBay sellers that they’ve not received the eBay premium service discount on their latest eBay invoices.

If your listings meet all the criteria, postage, dispatch time, returns etc and qualify for the discount then you should be getting a 10% discount on your final value fees. Some sellers (definitely not all) are reporting that they’re not getting their discounts and that eBay customer support have noted the error saying that it should be resolved as a high priority.

In the interim period, the chances are high that your full invoice amount will be debited from your bank account or credit card. Of course we fully expect that at some point in the future eBay will correct the error and give you a credit note against a future eBay invoice.

The trouble is that a future credit doesn’t help your cash flow, although a blessing in disguise is that this is the busiest time of year so hopefully your PayPal account and bank balances are looking healthy. For some the discount will only be a few quid, for others it’s potentially hundreds, thousands or even for mega sellers tens of thousands of pounds. Add it all up and eBay could have millions of unpaid discounts which should have been credited to sellers.

eBay haven’t had a good time with invoicing lately. It’s only a month since they had to email sellers saying that they’d billed final value fees incorrectly and now discounts aren’t being applied. We know that eBay is a phenomenally complicated platform and it’s very easy for you and I to sit back and say they should get it fixed but I’m going to say it anyway…

…It’s just not good enough to charge people incorrectly.