eBay billing problem in October

You might be in a for a higher than expected eBay bill in November. eBay UK has been contacting sellers to say that some final value fees were miscalculated in October and will be added to their November invoice.

As they say in the email: “During the month of October, we experienced a system error that miscalculated some of your final value fees.

To adjust for this error, you will see the missing final value fees listed on your next invoice. In addition, the accurate final value fees will be reflected on your account status page in approximately 72 hours.”

What we don’t know is the scale of the problem. Is this just a UK problem or are sellers in other countries impacted too? What proportion of the FVFs were miscalculated? How many sellers have been impacted.

Let us know if you’ve been affected.

Find the email below. (Replete with two ways to spell apologise/apologize)