Content Marketing Boot Camp Malta 16/1/17 & Sheffield 23/1/17

John Hayes’ Content Marketing Boot Camps help small and medium-sized business owners and marketers find their voice and position themselves as Thought Leaders within their own field of expertise.

The one-day course returns to Malta and visits Sheffield and will explain in plain English how business owners and marketers can:

  • Find the inspiration to create and publish compelling content that potential clients and existing customers cannot ignore
  • Improve their rankings on the major search engines
  • Generate leads, maintain relationships and sell more via email
  • Win local, national and global media coverage with well-placed PR Campaigns
  • Engage their prospects with social media
  • Reduce their reliance on traditional (high cost) paid advertising techniques
  • Shorten the sales cycle and reduce the need for cold calling techniques
  • Connect all the dots to build a cohesive content marketing strategy

For Malta on January 16, 2017 book here

For Sheffield on January 23, 2017 book here