Amazon promise the slowest delivery ever!

On Black Friday like millions of other shoppers I bought a couple of items online. One of the products I purchased was from Amazon and although it was in the Black Friday Deals, it was labelled as out of stock. I wasn’t that worried, Christmas was a month away.

delivery-etaThen I got a notification from Amazon, they told me that the product had shipped and gave me the due date. Monday came with no delivery. Tuesday came and went too and then I double checked the delivery notification. This has to be a bit of a record, the delivery is expected on Monday the 9th of January. That’s 2017, next year but the item status changed to “Dispatched”.

If anyone can tell me where you can find a courier that’ll take that long from pick up to delivery I’d love to know. Seven weeks to complete a delivery after dispatch has got to be a bit of a record (or more likely a rare mistake on Amazon’s part).