Amazon has been testing drones in the UK since 2015

Amazon Prime Air HomeAccording to an email string that has been revealed after a freedom of information request, Amazon has been working with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) on the testing of drones for delivery in UK airspace.

And some of the communication revealed has been, well, rather chummy.

An email from an Amazon employee dated May 2016 to the CAA says: We look forward to hopefully seeing all of you on Monday at our test facility. We’ve reviewed the most recent forecasts, and propose a start time of 11 a.m. Given we are still three days out, we will continue to monitor the forecast and I will update this thread if we need to shift the time.

We will be outdoors during the testing (approximately 1-2 hours). Temperatures can vary widely with the sun and the wind, so it is recommended to bring a jacket, dress in layers, and wear trainers or wellies since we will be in a field.”

There’s also plenty of talk of lunches and breakfasts.