Amazon charge merchants to run Lightning Deals

If you’re an Amazon merchant accustomed to submitting products for Amazon Lightning Deals, have you noticed that they are now charging £50 per deal that you run?

Amazon sent sellers emails which included the paragraph: “Deal Fees | Note that a fee will now be charged to publish a Lightning Deal. The best value deals chosen by Amazon to run on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will not be subject to any fee. The best deals are those with the biggest discounts and highest Deal value. All other deals will be subject to a per deal fee of £50. Fees will be charged after a deal runs on its assigned day. The fee will be deducted from your Seller Central account“.

We may be wrong, but we believe charging merchants for running deals is relatively new. In terms of the amount of product that can be sold on an Amazon Lightning Deal fifty quid isn’t a lot of money, but for those sellers who run a large number of deals those fifty quids soon add up to total a tidy sum of money.

On any one day Amazon may be running 100s of deals so it’s a nice little earner for them too although insignificant in terms of their total revenues.