When did the items on my Amazon order actually arrive?

A week ago I wrote about an Amazon Prime order where hardly any of the items were due to be delivered within Amazon’s next day promise. Out of fairness it seems only right to report back on when the items actually turned up on my doorstep.

order-1Delivery One – Standard Delivery

A big shout out to the guys at Mountain Warehouse – they obviously have a class operation as the product I purchased from them was picked, packed and shipped on Monday and arrived with me on the Tuesday.

This is Amazon’s “Standard Delivery” promise for third party retailers and while they give three to five days for the item to arrive, Mountain Warehouse smashed this with a next working day despatch and 24 hour delivery. You really can’t ask for much more can you?

order-2Delivery Two: Prime Priority Delivery

Amazon offer “Priority Delivery” when, ‘due to long transport distances, delivery may take longer than for other Prime items‘.

The chances are that this item was shipped from one of Amazon’s EU warehouses, but fair play – they said it would be delivered on Wednesday and sure enough it turned up on Wednesday.

order-4Delivery Three – Prime One-Day Delivery

Three items on my order placed late on Friday evening arrived at my front door on Sunday.

I know Amazon have built a fantastic logistics network and I know as Amazon Logistics is run entirely for the benefit of Amazon (albeit with contract drivers) but it’s still amazing that you can order on a weekend and have the items delivered the next day even though there are no traditional working days in between.

order-3Delivery Four – Prime One-Day Delivery

Two items from my order were due to be delivered on Tuesday and they were delivered on Tuesday. This service from Amazon is exactly the same next working day despatch and 24 hour delivery that Mountain Warehouse gave for Delivery One, but somehow it feels less spectacular when it’s performed by Amazon.

Of course not everything is in a warehouse close enough to be delivered on a Sunday with 24 hours notice, but Amazon have conditioned me to expect this so when it doesn’t happen it’s a but of a surprise. Still, in all fairness, the delivery occurred on time as promised.

order-5Delivery Five – Standard Delivery

The final item from a third party seller who shall remain nameless was promised for delivery between last Thursday this week and this Monday (today). That means that the seller has had a full working week (plus a weekend which we won’t count) to get the order delivered. They’ve failed, this is the one product yet to arrive.

It’s strange but it always appears to be the sellers who promise the least who then fail to live up to the expectations which they themselves have set. The sellers who offer the best service (allowing for the occasional hiccough by the courier) generally deliver. Those who decide to offer a lesser service often appear to struggle and in anyone’s book taking a full week and then failing to deliver on time just doesn’t look good. I’ll watch out for the courier again tomorrow.

Edited to add: The final delivery arrived on Thursday, a full three days after the ETA expired and 14 days after the order was replaced. Even in 2016, some sellers really are still pathetically bad.