What will you do without eBay’s Turbo Lister?

We received a report today from a reader who says that you can no longer download Turbo Lister from eBay UK. It is apparently still available on eBay.com but the news serves as a useful reminder that Turbo Lister will be discontinued next year.

For many eBay sellers Turbo lister will have a been (still is) at the centre of the various tools you use on a daily basis to administer listings. And several correspondents have told us how much they will miss it.

On one level what we don’t know is eBay’s intentions for replacements. And we look forward to knowing in detail what the new functions are.

And we should also be cognisant of Turbo Lister’s failings. It’s an ancient bit of kit that really has been unloved for more than a decade. The design hails from circa 2001 and it could have been so much better. That said, it is still a vital helper for plenty of eBay businesses. In particular the bulk edit and amend functions are widely used.

Turbo Lister’s conception was in a pre-broadband age. (I recall working at eBay when it was launched.) The idea was that you could have an offline tool and build listings and add photos without a connection. In those late dial-up days you could then upload your listings as a batch when you were logged on. Nowadays, with all you can eat data and smartphones, that does seem a bit ludicrous. But back then we used to say: “Get off the internet, I need to use the phone.”

So, will you miss Turbo Lister? And what would you like to see replace it?