Tanya Lawler VP eBay UK to leave eBay

Tanya Lawler 2014This morning Tanya Lawler, Vice President of eBay UK met with eBay employees to announce that that she is quitting for pastures new.

eBay told us “Tanya has been a senior leader at eBay for the past four years, joining as VP of UK trading and quickly becoming appointed as VP of the UK business. She has overseen a period of tremendous innovation in the UK business, from the innovative partnership with Argos, to the recent launch into new categories like Wine, Adult and Curve fashion“.

What we’ve really seen under Tanya’s stewardship is eBay transitioning to a more retail like experience, both for buyers and for sellers. For too long eBay struggled with it’s roots as an online auction site and how to managed it’s hundreds of thousands of professional sellers each of whom operate with different service and standards.

Tanya cut through the difficulties of a trading platform comprised of disparate retailers with programs such as Click and Collect at Argos, giving even the smallest sellers a big retailer type solution. We’ve also for the first time in eBay’s 20 year history, seen the start of eBay flexing their muscles to obtain discounts for sellers. The fledgling eBay fulfilment network with drop off at Argos is in place. We can only hope that Tanya’s successor will have the same vision to extend these programs and introduce more retail solutions for small independent retailers.

Tanya has also overseen drastic changes in how seller performance is measured reducing the number of ways sellers can incur a defect to just two, both of which are under the seller’s control.

eBay tell us that Tanya has “kindly agreed to stay in post until our Q4 execution was in progress – but she is not in a position to announce her career plans just yet“.

Tanya’s successor will transition into the role early in 2017. We’re not allowed to say who it will be yet, but there was no internal succession plan so it is some one from outside the eBay business.