Post-Brexit: is it time to start looking to the USA?

Where should you be looking for international growth?

The EU is certainly the easiest option. But it’s also worth looking further field right now. The USA is a viable option to plug in to and getting started on eBay and Amazon is actually rather straightforward.

You will have to be mindful of tax concerns but you won’t need to incorporate as a US entity, despite what some experts say. On eBay and Amazon you’re fine selling as a UK sole trader or Ltd company. Tax concerns are the biggest headache but there are companies out there that can help.

That’s why this ebook we’ve produced with Veeqo will be of interest: Start selling to the US: A checklist for Ecommerce success.

We examine the basics and guide you towards making a solid start as a transatlantic trader.

Goodness knows what will happen with the EU member states when the UK leaves the trading bloc (if we do) after Spring 2019. Is it a soft or hard Brexit? What deals will be in place? Anyone who tells you with any certainty is lying. It’s just a great big unknown.

Certainly Europe represents a good ecommerce trading opportunity right now, what with the weakness of sterling, so it is well worth looking over the Channel still too.

But it could be that the US that is more alluring. Sterling is weak against the Dollar. It could be time to start trading with the USA. Check out the ebook and chase your own American dream.