Most of my blocked bidders have been kicked off eBay

It’s many years since I bothered to look at my Blocked Bidder list on my old selling account and it’s somewhat encouraging to discover that most of the bidders I blocked have been chucked off eBay.

I’ve not sold professionally on eBay for five years now so there was no need to revisit my Blocked Bidder list, but I do know the only reason you’d get onto my blocked bidder list is if you were a non-paying bidder. If you were a customer of mine who won an auction and didn’t pay (or if you claimed non-delivery or put in a chargeback) then you were on the list.

Looking at the list today, more than 50% of the buyers with whom I had a bad experience are gone from eBay. Even their eBay User Ids have been expunged from the site and replaced with an @deleted ID with all previous history gone.


It’s vaguely reassuring to see that eBay eventually agreed with me that the people on my Blocked Bidder list were dead beat bidders. Have you checked your own Blocked Bidder list recently to see how many of your less desirable customers are no longer trading on eBay?