Linnworks announce Etsy marketplace beta launch

etsy-featToday at Linnworks‘ fourth annual Linn Academy, it was announced that next week they will launch support for the Etsy marketplace in beta.

Etsy is a marketplace where merchants largely sell what they make or curate, you’ll find handmade items, vintage goods and craft supplies you can’t find anywhere else. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Etsy is a small marketplace though, they have 1.6 million active sellers, 25 million active buyers and in 2015 had annual gross merchandise sales tallying $2.39B.

We’ll bring you more news of Linnworks’ Etsy support as soon as the official announcement comes after the weekend. There aren’t too many multichannel solutions with Etsy support though so it’s an interesting move by Linnworks and one that’s sure to make them attractive to merchants who already trade on Etsy or would if only there was a robust multichannel solution available with Etsy support.