Have eBay removed ‘Blocked Bidder’ lists?

We have had a steady flow of emails into Tamebay HQ asking where their eBay Blocked Bidder list has disappeared to. Are eBay about to discontinue the Blocked Bidder list? Have they purposefully hidden it from you? Do eBay want you to stop blocking troublesome buyers?

As is pretty much the case of everything with eBay, when there’s a choice between conspiracy and a cock up it’s normally the cock up version that turns out to be the truth. In this case the cock up is the most likely culprit.

It appears that if you click a link to go to your Blocked Bidder list you’re being redirected to a lovely new eBay Seller Centre page which talks about how to manage your sales. That’s not what you wanted.

If you are one of the people struggling to find your eBay Blocked Bidder page don’t worry – it’s here