Has Amazon.com FBA stopped taking on new sellers?

We’re hearing rumours that Amazon has stopped taking on new sellers into the FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) programme until the end of the year. Have you heard anything?

Firstly, there is this article on helium called Amazon Closes Its Doors to New FBA Sellers. It says: “New sellers who have not yet sent in their first shipment to Amazon will not be able to do so until January 2017.”

And one Amazon seller has reported that his new FBA shipments to eBay.com were not accepted. He shared this screengrab (sorry for the quality):


He was a new Amazon.com seller based in the UK and the story also refers to .com so it could be that this is only impacting sellers on Amazon on the US site. We haven’t received any Amazon.co.uk examples.

The most likely reason for not taking on new sellers with new stock is a lack of capacity at their fulfilment centres. Amazon’s scale and capacity is formidable but it’s not limitless and existing sellers will have been filling the shelves in anticipation of the peak selling season.

This will be a bitter blow for anyone who has been planning to get up and running on Amazon.com FBA and likely already made significant investments of time and resources. However, the silver lining comes for existing sellers who won’t be gaining new competition for the next few months.

Let us know if you hear more.