German ecommerce market is growing strongly

It’s always good looking overseas to see what the ecommerce outlook is and reports say that Germany is performing very well this year and exceeding expectations. Despite Brexit, it could well be worth look to Deutschland for growth. After all, any changes are years away and there’s nothing wrong with making hay while the sun shines.

Online retail industry sales in Germany increased by 10.6% during the third quarter of 2016 and they are predicted to clock in at €12.5bn for 2016. Analyst nerds expect that ecommerce in Germany will grow 14.7% in 2016 compared to 2015.

So where’s the growth? Furniture sales are up 33%. Household sales have increased by 27%. But in terms of pure sales, clothing is by far the biggest sector in Germany and total sales there will total €3.1bn, up 4.2% YoY in 2016. And that doesn’t include shoes and accessories.

It’s clear that ecommerce in Germany is doing well. They don’t spend as much per capita online as shoppers in the UK but Amazon is growing strongly and there are many other markeplace opportunities.

Are you selling to Germany?

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