eBay UK launches new Seller Centre


eBay has ‘soft’ launched a new Seller Centre with How To advice on becoming what they term as a “better seller”. It will be publicised in the weeks to come and there’s also a Community Chat on the 20th October.

You can find the Seller Centre here.

I’ve only spent a short time looking at the content and help that the new Seller Centre offers and this is a definite leap forward. There are 300 or so articles, content aimed at both private and business sellers and it comes with the promise that it will be updated and developed over time.

One piece of feedback the team say they’ve acted on is that sellers have in the past been frustrated by old inaccurate information presented in previous incarnations of the Seller Centre.

All of the content relevant to sellers will be gathered in the Seller Centre ongoing, including webinars. The content has been honed for mobile, is freely available and SEO friendly.

This feels like a a positive step from eBay and it does seem that the team behind this are keen to hear your feedback (I know you won’t hold back). On a less optimistic note, or it’s perhaps a word of caution, from what I’ve learnt from Tamebay, is that resources like this need constant nurturing to ensure they remain useful.