eBay teams up with Facebook for ShopBot

eBay is working with Facebook Messenger on a new way of searching and finding things on the eBay marketplace. It’s called ShopBot.


It utilises AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and you can ask Messenger to find the things you want to buy. It’s good to see eBay making advances in this area and also experimenting with popular tech trends like Messenger.

Basically, you ask eBay via Messenger what it is you want to buy and they make suggestions. Obviously the success of this new foray will depend on how good the answers are.

You can also make a visual search by posting a picture of what you want to buy and eBay will try and make a match.

eBay’s head of product R.J. Pittman said: “We’re going to where our users are, versus letting it all play out on eBay.com and our mobile app.”

I haven’t used it yet, have you? The eBay Shopbot is available now in beta and works on iOS and Android versions of Facebook Messenger as well as on the web.