eBay.com launch Fine Art and Design eBay Collective

eBay.com have launched eBay Collective, an elevated shopping experience to provide interior designers and consumers with curated inventory of furniture, antiques, contemporary design and fine art.

eBay Collective

eBay say that “The inventory on eBay Collective spans one-of-a-kind objects that can traditionally only be found in independent brick-and-mortar stores, while showcasing the incomparable selection that eBay offers, in an inspired, dedicated destination“.

The bespoke experience has been specifically developed for eBay’s 164 million active buyers looking for sought-after products from trusted dealers and galleries. Dealers featured on the destination have been invited by eBay, and they meet eBay’s criteria to ensure a high-quality shopping experience.

eBay will also be syndicating select editorial stories from both Architectural Digest and Archdigest.com about decorating, shopping, and industry happenings—providing access to curated content, and inspiring customers to shop eBay Collective based on the latest trends in the design world.

I like the new experience, but even if it comes to the UK I won’t ever be using it. A quick browse shows that whilst there are some products in the $1000+ range, there are many more in the $5000 – $25,000 range and some even higher. These aren’t product for your average earner, they’re for the rich who can afford a designer to kit out their bespoke home.

Having dissed the eBay Collective a little based on my own expenditure expectations, I still like it. It’s aspirational, it demonstrates that eBay is far from being a flea market and has unique quality merchandise for sale. It’s a curated experience complemented with unique inventory that fits with eBay’s program of activity which aims to place eBay as the first destination of choice in a consumer’s shopping journey. It doesn’t matter if you want a part for your motor costing a tenner or a decorative lamp for your house costing $20,000, you can find it on eBay.

shop-the-roomShop the look

eBay has also integrated “Shop the Look” Artificial Intelligence technology that is powered by eBay’s recent acquisition of Corrigon. With “Shop the Look,” image recognition technology allows shoppers to hover over an image and the tool searches eBay Collective listings to surface inventory that matches or is a close match to that particular portion of the image.

It’s limited though, for instance in the example you can look for pictures, tables, chest of drawers and urn, but you can’t look for the clock or chair as there’s no hover overs.