CrazyLister eBay Template Mobile, Image and Integrations updates

crazylisterCrazyLister is growing like mad, in less than a year since their investment in March they’ve added another 5 million listings and today 40,000 registered eBay sellers rely on CrazyLister to power over 7 million eBay listings

Created by full time eBay sellers Viktor Levitin and Maxim Godin, CrazyLister was designed to be a super easy Drag&Drop editor for eBay sellers. It allows any seller with zero coding skills to create professional, 100% customizable listings. Making a change to a listing takes only minutes or seconds, compared to hours of coding.

Now used by sellers in over 130 countries with UK being the 2nd largest market behind the US, CrazyLister has been overhauled with a completely new layout and a ton of new features.

Active Content Compliant

CrazyLister is 100% compliant with eBay’s ban of active content – every listing design created with CrazyLister is free of active content as they replaced all the code to be compatible.

Mobile Listing Editor

CrazyLister have introduced the first & only editor for mobile eBay listings – they say that it’s the first time that sellers can preview how their listings will look on mobile devices and edit them.

Automatic Image Background Removal

A fantastic new feature is the automatic background removal for images. Everyone wants clean clear images and CrazyLister are doing their best to take your average pictures and turn them into professional product shots.


Third Party Management Support

CrazyLister is integrated with the top eCommerce solutions to allow you to apply CrazyLister designs on millions of listings in seconds. They have support for Codisto, SaleFreaks, DSM, dShopit, Kyozou, InkFrog, Yaballe, Suredone, PriceYak, Solid Commerce, SellerCloud, Linnworks, Ecomdash, SellerDynamics, ChannelAdvisor, Profit Scraper, Grandsalesteam, SellBrite, and Neto.

Users of supported third party software will really appreciate how the integration works as it uses tags from your chosen third party solution. You don’t have to create a new listing for each product you have, you create a master listing template which can then be cut and pasted into your management program to be applied automatically to all your listings.