Are you against eBay immediate payment via PayPal under £350?

Yesterday we were contacted by a seller who is jolly uptight. His annoyance relates to the requirement of immediate payment via PayPal for Buy it Now items under £350. He describes the move a few months back as the “worst decision in the history of eBay.”

He said: “Forcing immediate payment for Buy it Now items has got to be the worst decision in the history of eBay & is also contradictory. It has no benefit for buyers or sellers. The only reason eBay has done this has to be that they will make more money on the 10% fee charged on postage cost if the postage is paid on every item.”

Here is the eBay UK policy: “For items priced below £350 on with a specified postage cost and where PayPal is the only payment method offered, buyers who click Buy it Now are asked to pay immediately.”

We don’t think getting immediate payment from buyers on sub £350 is a bad thing at all. And the reason isn’t about fees. Chris and I recall the bad old days of non payers, the scourge of NPBs (Non Paying Bidders). That was a genuine problem that has since been alleviated and that’s a good thing. The plague of NPBs is old news these days. And it used to be the source of daily grumbling.

That’s not to say that there aren’t issues. Because the shopping cart feature isn’t available for overseas sellers, the immediate payment facility does mean that when it comes to international sales it’s not possible to combine purchases and get a shipping discount.

That’s not right but, as always with eBay, the reason is cock-up and not conspiracy.

Isn’t the general approach to take payment immediately the right one?