Amazon looks like it’s taking over your corner shop now…

Is there anywhere Amazon won’t go? They are a whizz at logistics and delivery. Amazon has also made inroads into the supermarkets biz with Amazon Fresh. For your staples they have Amazon Pantry. You can speak to your Alexa device for information and Amazon Prime subscribers are impressively loyal.

And don’t forget that there’s Amazon Video and other media. That covers much of the digital inventory of downloads, books, tunes, games and Tv and films. Amazon is ubiquitous.

And Amazon have said that they aim to take on 2% of the UK grocery market and that’s not trivial.

But it looks like that their next move will be into corner shops. As has been reported in other media. And stage two will be getting into your neighbourhood.

It makes a lot of sense because Amazon is a big fan of pick-up points. To combine the two is a no brainer. You could soon have an Amazon pickup point and an Amazon run local shop down your way.

How does that make you feel?