5 out 8 Amazon items to arrive ‘late’

As an Amazon Prime member, I’m used to getting items delivered pretty rapidly from the ecommerce behemoth so it’s a disappointment when instant delivery doesn’t happen.

On Saturday I realised I’d been adding a few things to my Amazon shopping basket and it was time to get on and pay for them and only once I’d paid did I realise that everything wasn’t quite as expected. Amazon’s normally impeccable next day delivery service isn’t going to happen – whilst three of the eight items I ordered are arriving on Sunday, the remaining five will turn up on random days spread over the next two weeks.

Here’s the expected delivery dates Amazon gave on their order confirmation email:

order-1Delivery One – Standard Delivery

There’s no real surprise that this delivery won’t arrive for a couple of days as it’s from a third party retailer on Amazon. An order on Saturday isn’t likely to leave most independent retailers until Monday at the earliest but in 2016 I still find it somewhat distressing that an order placed over the weekend isn’t likely to arrive before Wednesday at the earliest and potentially as late as Friday.

Today, even the most economy of economy services are three days maximum, so what sort of delivery will take five days to arrive?

order-2Delivery Two: Prime Priority Delivery

Amazon offer “Priority Delivery” when, ‘due to long transport distances, delivery may take longer than for other Prime items‘. Translated this most likely means that an item is in one of Amazon’s European warehouses and it’s going to take them time to fly the product to the UK and get it delivered.

It’s still somewhat disappointing that an item ordered on a Saturday that’s sold and fulfilled by Amazon themselves won’t be delivered before Wednesday.

order-4Delivery Three – Prime One-Day Delivery

Three items on my order are arriving on Sunday. That’s the service I’ve come to expect from Amazon but it’s still pretty amazing when you think of it. I’m able to place an order on a Saturday and somehow Amazon are able to pick and pack the items, get them out to the local Amazon Logistics depot and have them transported to my house within 24 hours and all on the weekend.

I’m spoilt though, I want everything from Amazon to arrive this quickly and for only three out of eight items to arrive on Sunday feels like a bit of a let down.

order-3Delivery Four – Prime One-Day Delivery

Two items from my order are due to be delivered on Tuesday but like Delivery Three the items are on a “Prime One-Day Delivery” service. Whilst Tuesday is two days after Sunday, it’s hard to complain at Amazon for delivering on what’s effectively the next working day after the order is placed but I feel like I should just because some of my items are arriving two days earlier.

Amazon Prime members like myself have become so accustomed to Amazon delivering the next day even it’s a Sunday. Having to wait until Tuesday (That’s three whole days, guys!) seems like an eternity.

order-5Delivery Five – Standard Delivery

The final item on my order is from a seller who is frankly taking the mickey. Delivery is expected somewhere between Thursday this week and Monday of the following week. I though the seller of the first item was a bit tardy with their deliveries but for this one I’m almost lost for words.

Yes I know sellers like to under promise and over deliver, but a full week to get an item from somewhere in the UK to my house seems ridiculously slow.

Am I being harsh?

Of course, being Amazon I’m highly unlikely to leave feedback so, unlike on eBay, the sellers will get away with their slow deliveries. I still feel slightly hard done by though – eight items and only three of them will arrive the next day.

Am I being too demanding or have I simply been spoilt by Amazon and am now facing the reality that even they can’t delivery everything tomorrow.