3 Month’s Free eBay Listings for Private Sellers

Free Listing WeekendeBay have invited private sellers to list an almost unlimited number of items for free for the next three months. Private sellers selected to participate in the promotion can list up to 100 items per day, every day of the promotion.

100 free listings per day for three months is one hell of a lot. The promotion runs from the 1st of October right through to the 31st of December so private sellers can practically clear out their whole house as well as listing any Christmas presents they get which they’d rather turn into cash than keep.

Items listed on eBay UK using the auction style (but not 1 & 3 days duration) or fixed price (excluding 3 days duration) format in an eligible category are included. Motors also aren’t included although motor parts and accessories are.

We know that there are a few dodgy business sellers out there who will be overjoyed at the prospect of free listings and will promptly shift their stock onto their private accounts. We also know that for other sellers there will be much gnashing of teeth as they see their categories flooded by private seller listings. The good news is that all the genuine private sellers who list under this promotion will be engaged with eBay and have money in their PayPal accounts which hopefully will be respent on eBay on your products.