UK Retail Report 2016 celebrates 21 years of eBay

ebay-retail-reportTo celebrate their 21st Birthday, eBay have just gone live with their UK Retail Report – a snapshot of the way Brits bid, bought and sold in 2015/16.

It’s an interactive website where eBay share their data, telling the story of the biggest trends of the past 12 months on eBay UK and how cultural events shaped shopping behaviour.

It’s also a look at the future trends eBay see as a marketplace and exclusive insight into the way they interpret shopping – for example cutting eBay’s own numbers with Land Registry data to understand how people buy and sell when they move home.

According to the report, TV is changing how we shop and inspires us to shop on the sofa – Smartphones touch 57% of eBay purchases and many customers mobile-shop when inspired. eBay reveal the most influential programmes – Game of Thrones’ Emmy success mirrors its enormous buying power on eBay and Peaky Blinders joined The Great British Bake Off as some of the UK’s most influential shows. There were over 1.2million searches for ‘Thrones alone this year, extending into categories like clothing, showing the power of cult TV.

Brits love to have the latest tech. Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in 2007 and it remains one of the most wanted pieces of tech on eBay. And today, Brits are also fond of selling their old device to keep up with the latest device release. When the iPhone 7 launched this month, Brits used eBay to search the sale price they’d get for their old model as they wait to trade up. Today, eBay has more than 410,000 listings available for ‘smartphone’ onsite.

However we’re not always stuck inside on our phones. April 2016 saw an unusual sunny spell and Brits headed outside, with searches for BBQs up to over 200,000 during this time. eBay’s Retail Report data shows that the Easter bank holiday is always the watershed moment for Brits buying outdoor goods – and having BBQs – no matter what the weather is like.

Murray Lambell, Director of UK Trading at eBay, was on BBC this morning, here’s what he had to say about the UK Retail Report: