Royal Mail to double compensation on International Tracked

Royal Mail has announced it is increasing the compensation it offers customers using its International Tracked products from £50 to £100. The increase will apply to items posted from the 10th October 2016.

And Royal Mail’s Tracked and Signature services are now also available to 14 new countries. The following countries: Greece, Serbia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Faroe Islands and Aland Islands will become Tracked destinations.

Theses countries will become Signed destinations to Tracked & Signed destinations: Barbados, Belize, Cook Islands, Georgia, Greenland, Lebanon, Russia, Tonga, Uganda, Aland Islands and Faroe Islands.

Roger Morris, Head of Royal Mail Parcels said: “Getting started as an exporter can be daunting. We have taken significant steps to help businesses looking to start exporting, from in-depth research into international markets, to enhancements to our international products. We believe that international is just another postcode. We work with businesses to establish reliable value for money services.”