Linnworks delay price roll out for customers

Linnworks featLinnworks have emailed all their customers saying “Due to the recent issues with both our server and internet providers, which prevented a number of our customers from logging into the system, we have taken the decision to postpone the roll-out of our new pricing plan for existing customers, until Wednesday 28th September.

Linnworks reasoning is that they didn’t want customers to have to make a massive decision just days after a service glitch. The additional two weeks is to give you time to decide if you’d like to stay on your existing pricing until January and then move to the new pricing, go onto the new pricing immediately, or pay up front for a year’s Linnworks usage and lock in pricing at the old rates.

Should you wish to lock in your pricing for a year but not have the funds, you might like to consider using one of the finance services available (iwoca, ezbob etc). They can advance you the money and have the funds in your account within minutes of applying.

This extension to the end of September is for existing Linnworks customers only, for any new customers, from today you’ll have to access Linnworks on their new price plans.

Fedor, Linnworks CEO and Core System Architect Developer, has also explained what went wrong to cause last week’s Linnworks outage and what they’re doing to prevent this from happening again in the future.