Letter to the Editor: Is Amazon support slipping?

A Tamebay reader writes asking why Amazon support appears to be going down hill. Is it just their business, or have you noticed more of your calls being routed to the Philippines and the responsiveness of Amazon support slipping?

Letter to the Editor

amazon-supportI’ve noticed Amazon support grinding to a halt the last few months. Since May, a backlog has built up (see below). Whereas support requests used to be resolved quickly, in 2 to 3 days at most, now it seems more like 2 to 3 months. What could have happened?

In parallel, I’ve also noticed all my support cases handled, not by reps from European call centres, but from a new call centre in the Philippines. I understand new staff take time to train up but I question if there is more to it than that.

Amazon measure practically everything – if there’s a metric, they’ll find it. This has been a crucial part of their success. So I can’t help wondering is the level of support tied to any seller metric, e.g. revenue, number of cases, etc.

If I were managing a support team (or any limited resource), I would allocate resources my best customers got the best support. I’m happy our account is in good stead and I’ve not seen any official metric yet I’m wondering if our level of support has been lowered based on a metric. Has anybody else noticed support quality and timeliness fall off a cliff? Perhaps by being tied to this new call centre?

Here’s a view of our Amazon case log – never have I seen so many cases go unanswered:

Pending Amazon Action
12-May-16 Feedback removal
22-Jun-16 Feedback removal
20-Jul-16 Tax questions using Cross-Border Inventory Movement
08-Aug-16 Cannot send FBA inventory – EANs not linking correctly to ASINs
09-Aug-16 Feedback removal
14-Aug-16 Feedback removal
14-Aug-16 Feedback removal
22-Aug-16 Feedback removal
29-Aug-16 Other FBA issue – products not received correctly
02-Sep-16 Feedback removal
05-Sep-16 Merge product page request
07-Sep-16 Feedback removal
07-Sep-16 Cannot send FBA inventory – EANs not linking correctly to ASINs