Have you got the new eBay Seller Hub?

It’s been trailed for more than a year but it seems that it has started landing with some sellers here in the UK today. Several sellers have been in touch to say they’re seeing it. It doesn’t seem to be universal though, so let us know whether the new eBay Seller Hub has found you.

Sometimes these new features do take time to roll out to all users so don’t worry if you’re still on the old system. It’s on its way. To find out fuller details of what the new eBay Seller Hub will offer you, check out this previous post.

The new Seller Hub will replace a lot of the existing tools you use to administer your eBay sales.

In short: the eBay Seller Hub will consolidate the functionality of:

– Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro
– Reports and dashboards for Sales, Seller Costs, Traffic and Seller Standards.
– And other things…

And don’t forget that Turbo Lister will be retiring in 2017 too…

Seller Hub Features

(We contacted eBay earlier on Tuesday to find out what the situation is re the Seller Hub roll out and haven’t heard back.)