Handmade at Amazon launches in the UK and on EU sites

Amazon have launched “Handmade at Amazon”, a new store featuring thousands of handcrafted products sold by artisans. Handmade at Amazon features over 30,000 handcrafted products across Amazon’s five European websites.

Handmade at Amazon is unquestionably an attempt to capture some of Etsy and to a lesser extent eBay’s business. Amazon want your entire retail life from consumer electronics to fashion and from household items to groceries to be an Amazon retail experience. Handmade is just one more step in their aim to lock consumers in their ecosystem and stop them shopping elsewhere.

Handmade at Amazon features handcrafted products across 10 categories including Jewellery, Home Décor, Artwork, Kitchen and Dining, and Furniture. A third of items will be available for personalisation. The main shopping attractions are:

Shop for genuinely Handmade products

All items are factory-free and handcrafted with special care and attention.

Discover local artisans

Support the work of local artisans from across the UK.

Explore the world

Customers across Amazon’s five European websites can shop by country to find products from artisans in more than 40 countries. Every Handmade product page contains a location icon identifying where the artisan is based, along with a link to the artisan’s profile. International items include a Flour Sack Towel from Canada and handcrafted wooden lamps from Italy.

Have a personal shopping experience

Every artisan has a profile page which tells their story and describes how their products are made, giving customers the chance to appreciate the care and attention that goes into making each item.

Shop with confidence

Customers benefit from the familiar Amazon shopping experience when searching for Handmade products from artisans.