eBay UK photo upload problem reported by sellers

Have you been having problems today uploading pictures to your eBay UK listings?

We’ve had numerous reports on here on Tamebay, via email and also on forums. Here’s a thread on Bay’s own forums. It seems that the problem started on Thursday morning and has persisted all day for some.

As far as we can see eBay has made no announcement regarding the problem and hasn’t made comment officially on their forums.

What we don’t know is whether this issue is universal, but it does seem to be fairly widespread. It’s also not clear whether it’s related to the roll out of the new Seller Hub this week.

Sellers who contacted eBay’s Customer Support report that they were advised to use another web browser although that would seem to be a red herring. Other sellers who have been in contact were advised by eBay CS that the problem was ISP related. We have no way of verifying that either.

Some sellers reported this evening that they were finally able to upload a few pictures. But others seem to be experiencing the problems as ongoing (Thursday evening, circa 11pm).

We’ve asked eBay for a comment. Let us know if you’ve been impacted.