eBay Concierge: Targeted support trial for selected UK, US, DE, AUS sellers

eBay want to know if by offering you more tailored targeted individual support would it help you unlock your full potential and grow. To find out they are piloting eBay ‘Concierge’ which will kick off in October.

eBay Concierge is a customer service pilot involving a small fraction of eBay’s customer base in key markets. A small number of UK sellers will be included and notified via email. Some of eBay’s most regular shoppers will also be included.

The Pilot is pretty small (in terms of total sellers involved) but will run across multiple markets: UK, US, Germany & Australia

What is being tested in the pilot?

It’s all about partnering with sellers to grow their businesses, so it will involve things like proactively contacting customers if we spot issues, with the aim of keeping accounts and listings in good order so that sellers’ businesses can thrive.

The pilot will also involve a trial of a more personalised support approach – including quick and easy access to enhanced online & phone support.

If invited should you take part?

Sellers selected for consideration in the trail are now being contacted. We would all love to have a dedicated eBay account manager or, you tell us, at least to pick up the phone and not end up speaking to someone in Manilla – the Dublin team is generally the people Tamebay readers tell us they prefer to speak to.

With your preferences in mind if you’re invited to participate in eBay Concierge we’d highly recommend you accept and take full advantage. Having eBay pro-actively keep in touch and assist you with your account can only be a good thing.