eBay.com set more stringent shipping expecations

US sellers are getting a little upset as eBay has just upped the delivery expectations for First Class and Priority Mail Express sent via USPS.

USPS say that Priority Mail Express is usually “Overnight scheduled delivery by 10:30 am” and First Class Mail is “Delivery in 1 to 3 business days”. eBay have said that they’ll be updating the estimated delivery date for seller on-time shipping performance for Priority Mail Express to one day and First Class Mail to three days – in line with USPS expectations.

The thing is previously the expectations set to buyers was two days and five days respectively. eBay have cut one or two days off the time it takes to delivery a parcel. In theory that’s fine as USPS will still deliver within the expected time frame (most of the time), but as in the UK sellers are worried that they’ll fall outside the on-time delivery metric, especially for parcels shipping from one coast to the other crossing five time zones.

Of course there is one way to ensure that your on-time delivery metric isn’t impacted and that is to get an acceptance scan for all the parcels you ship. For US eBay sellers this is easier than in the UK as every parcel does have a tracking number.

Here in the UK we are of course still waiting for Royal Mail to get to grips with their 2D bar codes and for eBay to figure out how to collect the scan information. Currently that doesn’t look like happening before 2017 so we’ll be waiting a little longer for robust tracking to support our on-time delivery metrics.