eBay.com introduce product page report a seller

eBay.com are calling on sellers to help clean up their product catalogue. It’s also an encouragement to report your competitor sellers if you don’t like their listings.

Put simply, eBay know that their product catalogue isn’t perfect. Products appear on eBay product pages that shouldn’t be there, often for a variety of reasons. It could be eBay matching keywords or in all likelihood it could be the seller has inadvertently (or purposefully) entered an incorrect GTIN (the number behind the bar code).

Regardless of the reason for the incorrect categorisation, eBay.com have told sellers “Effective immediately, if you see an item that doesn’t belong on an eBay product page, you can flag it to be reviewed and possibly removed“.

They went on to add “If you believe the item doesn’t belong on the page, click the flag symbol and “submit.” We’ll review and remove it, if necessary. Once removed, the item will still be available on the site for purchase, but will no longer be associated with this particular product. By letting us know about irrelevant items on our product pages, you’ll help buyers see the most relevant listings. Plus, you’ll improve the eBay experience for everyone in our community“.

What we don’t know is how the reviews will work – do eBay have enough staff to manually review each reported item or will it be an automated process. Will sellers gain a ‘Trusted reporter’ status which means when they click a button the item is taken off the product page immediately or will there need to be a number of reports before an item is actioned?

The general idea is idea is not to dob in competitors, it’s to tidy up product pages removing irrelevant items giving yours a better chance of gaining a sale.