Tamebay’s all new Daily Bulletin email

If you subscribe to Tamebay via email you’ve probably noticed it looks a little different this morning. We’ve given it a bit of an overhaul as well as replatformed the back end so that we can add further enhancements in the future.

The first thing you’ll notice about the email is that it’s a lot shorter. Much shorter in fact, previously we published the previous 24 hours content from Tamebay in its entirety. This wasn’t a problem a few years ago when we published two or three articles a day, but in recent times when we publish seven or eight articles daily and the email has gotten extremely long and unwieldy. Plus with some types of content (e.g. embedded video) were breaking the email and making it unreadable anyway.

That’s why we’ve taken the decision to publish a short excerpt from each article with links through to Tamebay. With WiFi and 3G/4G mobile networks it’s rare that you won’t be able to view the site when you’ve just downloaded the email so hopefully this won’t be too inconvenient.

We’ve also taken the redesign opportunity to create new content space on the email. We’ll be using this to highlight the latest TamebayTV videos, Tamebay Events, eBooks and any other content we think may be of interest to you but falls outside our normal editorial.

If you’re not already subscribed for our daily news bulletin, sign up today to get all our news delivered Monday to Friday straight to your inbox. If you’re an impatient type then follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get news the instant it’s published, or add our RSS feed to your reader.