plentymarkets ZERO cuts multichannel management fee to as little as 10p/order

plentymarketsplentymarkets have just introduced a new pricing model – plentymarkets ZERO. Basically you get their either software solution for free and simply pay a per sale fee from then on.

It’s not a bad deal, previously they had an option for a tenner a month plus a fee for the modules you wanted to use. For example you could get stock management for £10 per month and add on the Multi-channel feature at £30 per month. Now you’ll get the whole lot for free.

What you’ll get with plentymarkets ZERO is free access to all software functions such as Multi channel technology, the responsive online store, stock management system, all functions needed for order processing as well as integrated payment and fulfillment services. You’ll also enjoy free support.

The sales commission to be charged under plentymarkets ZERO is capped at £0.35 per order. Depending on your sales it could drop to as little as £0.10 per order, expect prices to fall if your monthly bill tops £250.

There’s always a dilemma when a choosing multichannel management solution, would you prefer a fixed monthly fee (which could be prohibitive or could be a bargain depending on your turnover), or is commission based fees better (although you’re monthly bill can get very expensive quickly as sales rise). plentymarkets ZERO at 35p per order seems reasonable as it’s fixed fee per item sold if you have high value products. However if you’re selling low value products then a 35p charge off a 99p sale just isn’t going to work. Edited to add: plentymarkets have clarified that the actual charge is 0.39% with a minimum per item charge of 15p and a maximum of 35p, this means that for a 99p item the cost would only be 15p.

Currently plentymarkets ZERO is only available to new customers, although plentymarkets tell us that existing clients will be able to migrate their plan after the trial phase.