PayPal evicts eBay from Dundalk customer support centre

eBay has announced that they have been served notice by PayPal at their Dundalk facility in Co Louth. At the time of the split of PayPal and eBay in July 2015, PayPal took over the lease of the building they jointly occupied. Now, as PayPal seeks to expand, they’ve served notice on eBay and they will leave the building in the second quarter of 2017.

eBay say in a statement: “We confirm that PayPal has served us notice as tenants of their Dundalk facility. We will begin a formal consultation process with our colleagues in Dundalk and will share any further information with them as a matter of priority.”

PayPal said: “Our operations will expand and move into the office space vacated by eBay.”

Apparently all eBay staff at the Dundalk office were informed today but there have been rumours for some weeks.

It has been reported in the Irish Press that work is underway to find a new premises in Dundalk for eBay and also that the a new operation could be opened right across the country in Co Sligo.

Declan Breathnach, TD (Irish MP) for Louth, said: “There was a series of rumours doing the rounds in recent months that eBay would seek to close its operation in Dundalk, and unfortunately this rumour has now been confirmed by management at the company. It’s simply unacceptable that the workers have had to put up with these rumours for months without any clarification being provided by management.”

Obviously the personal uncertainty for eBay staff at this time will be causing anxiety. But what might this mean to sellers and customer support provision? There are no answers here at the moment. We’ll see what emerges over the weeks and months to come.

It’s also a useful reminder that eBay and PayPal are now totally separate companies and looking after their own interests first and foremost. The gloves are off.