myHermes changes prices for parcels up to 2kg

myHermes have changed their pricing structure. They’ve replaced their up to 1kg and 1-2kg price bands with a 0-2kg Small and a 0-2kg medium parcel size and weight.

The net effect of this is that if you are sending a parcel less than 1kg you might pay more (£3.95 instead of £2.75 at a Parcelshop) and if you send a parcel up to 2kg you might end up paying less. The price you pay will depend on the size of your parcel.

The price bands for parcels weighing more than 2kg have not been changed so there it’s business as usual.

The new prices are:

New myHermes pricing

We don’t know the exact size allowances, myHermes say that “When entering your parcel size, you will be presented with two new options “0-2kg Small” and “0-2kg Medium” alongside an icon of a parcel confirming our small and medium parcel dimensions”.