The eBay director who got a lifetime selling ban

eBay Connect featYesterday eBay held their eBay Connect event in Manchester. If there was ever any doubt that eBay sellers would turn up they’ve been vanquished. The event was way over subscribed, eBay ran to around 500 attendees, about 100 more than was originally planned for.

eBay were there in force as well, with 120 staff on hand they made sure that every single eBay seller had the opportunity of a one to one conversation with someone that cared about their business. There were specialists from every vertical and covering everything from trust and safety to eBay tools, marketing and just about anything a professional seller might want to ask about.

The keynote was delivered by Kristian Haigh, eBay’s Senior Director, Seller Growth Europe. We often hear it said that eBay don’t understand how eBay sellers operate and what challenges they face. That’s definitely not the case with Kristian who was once one of us before crossing over to the dark side.

Kristian was not only an eBay seller, but one who fell foul of eBay, had his account suspended and was told he’d never be allowed to sell on eBay again!

He got his account back and then was invited to join the eBay team and for the last two and a half years has been working on your behalf. Trust me, he knows what it’s like at the sharp end of eBay selling and he knows how unyielding eBay and their seller standards have been in the past.

Kristian emphasised that eBay have a new philosophy which is key for future stability, growth and acceleration into the future. They want 100,000,000 new eBay buyers coming to the platform and that’s a fairly chunky target in anyone’s book.


Kristian shared the eBay company aims which all employees know and are:


The world shops first on eBay

Company Strategy

Best Choice
Most Relevance
Powerful Platform

Company Culture

Courageous | Inventive | Driven
Richly Diverse | Live Our Brand Everyday

What are eBay doing for sellers?

To achieve their goals eBay are now under Devin Wenig’s leadership taking a long term view. No longer will they be doing one thing this year and changing their mind next year. They’ve played with structured data and product pages in various guises over the last decade but now they’re serious about putting a solid foundation in place.

eBay also are going back to playing their own game and not copying everyone else (by which they mean Amazon, although they didn’t name their rival). eBay will play to their strengths of having a presence in around 200 countries around the world, a billion products offered for sale at any one time and more people working with eBay than any other marketplace in the world.

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about eBay’s Ambition – ‘The World Shops First On eBay’. It’s the message from the recent activity at the Silverstone Classic and the upcoming Community Clothing project. eBay are going all out to persuade the world to start their shopping search on eBay, although bizarrely with new technology and the Internet of Everywhere it might not actually be on the eBay site, it could soon be on practically any device or site on the web.