InternetRetailing Europe Top500 2016

Internet Retailing have just released the inaugural ‘European Top500. The culmination of two years’ research, this detailed study builds on InternetRetailing research that was first carried out in the UK market the IRUK 2015 Top500.

The research now covers 32 countries – the members of the European Economic Area (EEA) plus Switzerland. Internet Retailing examined the leading eCommerce and cross-channel retailers and how they trade, considering their performance through six ‘lenses’ or Performance Dimensions. Through this research they have been able to move from ‘who are the biggest’ to ‘who are the best’.

Top of the crop of European retailers are Apple, Bon Prix, Next, Decathlon, H&M and Zara. Amazon are into the Leading EU retailers and eBay make the Top 50. Amazon are both a retailer and a marketplace, but unusually for this type of research, eBay who themselves don’t sell anything were included because they stand behind their vendors’ sales in a way that’s analogous to a more conventional retailer.

eBay is also also a hugely impressive performer in key areas of online retail. It’s home page loads in 2.3 seconds on mobile, and it scored 93 out of a 100 for full website performance on mobile devices. In addition, research found that eBay offered iOS and Android apps in the UK and Switzerland that scored the highest marks for app personalisation.

Argos, Asda, Boots, Currys, John Lewis, M&S and a host of other UK retailers rank right at the top holding their own against their EU counterparts. The UK looks to be well represented in the creme de la creme of EU retailing as you might expect considering that the UK traditionally has had the highest online spend per head of population in the world.

You can download the full InternetRetailing Europe Top500 2016 from the Internet Retailing website