ekm tell users to get their own Name Server

I’ve heard from some worried ekmPowershop sellers over the past few days. It appears that ekm have decided that unless they host your domain name that you can no longer use their Name Server.

That might not mean a lot to you, so let me paint a picture. Retailers who use ekmPowershop often do so because they’re not the least bit technical but they want a website. ekmPowershop is a great relatively low cost popular solution.

You go and buy a URL using a service such as 123Reg or GoDaddy and ekmPowershop tell you all you need is to add their Name Server details to your new URL and they’ll sort out everything else for you. Your website will appear at your new URL and they’ll host your email for you.

All sounds great, until ekm email you saying that they now only allow you to use their Name Server if ekm also manage your domain. In other words they want you to transfer your domain from 123Reg, GoDaddy or wherever you purchased it and give it to ekm to manage.

Act within 7 days or lose your website

ekm have given users 7 days to either hand over management of their domain or to set up their own name server. If you do nothing, after the 7 days they’ll switch off their name server service and your website and email will simply disappear from the web. At this time of year many people are on holiday so it’s possible ekm will cut you off before you even read their email.

If you don’t hand over your domain then you’ll have to use alternative Name Servers, which generally isn’t an issue as 123Reg and similar services can do this for you. You’ll also have to set up your own email, but again this isn’t too difficult or costly.

However configuring Name Servers is where the problem arises. As I mentioned above most of the users of ekmPowershop are not technical wizards. It’s people like you and me that sold on eBay, got a website, bought a domain and if it’s not clicking a box we don’t really know what we’re doing with the technical side of the Web.

What are the Name Server settings for ekmPowershop?

ekm appear to have given little or no instructions on the settings that are needed to configure Name Servers. I’ve seen emails asking ekm for step by step instructions and the replies have been about as vague as “Change the A records for www and non www to point to a specific IP address and create a hosting record to point to a different IP address”.

Of course rather than configuring your own Name Servers you could simply capitulate and hand your URL over to ekm to manage. One user I spoke to said they definitely won’t do this saying “If they’re this unhelpful when I want to stay with them, how bad will they be if I ever want to leave?”.

I did try to telephone ekm on Friday to get more information and find out exactly what records ekmPowershop users would need to make on their Name Servers. Unfortunately ekm’s phone lines were out of order on Friday afternoon so it wasn’t possible to reach them for comment.

Edited to add: It’s now late Monday morning and ekm’s phone lines still appear to be out of order