eBay’s ‘My Big Weekend’ deals back for the Bank Holiday

My Big WeekendFrom today right through the Bank Holiday weekend to Tuesday the 29th of August, eBay UK will have deep discounts on many brand-name products across their most popular verticals. It’s another of eBay’s “My Big Weekend” sales promotions.

The weather is set to stay warm so it’s likely that many buyers will take advantage, we all know that hot weather in the summer holidays slows down sales, the only saviour will be if the weather cracks and a few thunder storms arrive. Anything eBay can do to pull buyers back onto the web is going to be welcome.

The one stand out point to notice about this weekend’s promotion is the number of products involved. There are over 4,800 different deals on offer so buyers are going to have to do some scrolling to find the deal they’re after. It does demonstrate just how popular these events must be for eBay to have persuaded sellers to offer this number of products at a bargain price.

Here’s half a dozen of the deals to give you an idea of what’s on offer:

5c Puma Toolkit

tv 5s yoga