eBay Seller Release: eBay to retire TurboLister

TurboListereBay have announced that they’ll be retiring TurboLister in 2017 and that from June next year it’ll no longer be supported.

TurboLister wasn’t eBay’s first listing tool, up until the early 2000’s MisterLister was all the rage. eBay killed off MisterLister and introduced TurboLister, which at one point was distributed to all new PowerSellers on CD through the post!

TurboLister was replaced in 2006/7 by TurboLister 2 which is the tool you may be using today, but from the middle of next year TurboLister will be consigned to the rubbish bin and eBay’s greatest offline tool which has created billions of listings over the years will be no more.

Often much hated for it’s buggyness in the early days, and still today detested by many for it’s inability to scale and handle thousands of listings, TurboLister not only has served millions of sellers well, but it was essential in the early days to the growth of eBay.

The big advantage of TurboLister is that it’s an off-line tool. A decade ago you could create listings without being connected to the Internet (which was expensive on a pay-per-minute dial up modem connection). You could also work at hard drive speeds when adding images to your listings so everything was much faster than your Internet connection. It was only when your listings were prepared that you’d then connect to the net and upload your new listings live to the eBay website.

Today of course, there are so many look ups required for an eBay listing that the off-line benefits of TurboLister are pretty much gone. However still for those in the dodgier broadband areas of the country there is an advantage to create listings at hard drive speeds and bulk upload rather than wait for images to upload listing by listing. We’re going to miss TurboLister.

eBay are introducing their new Seller Hub which will doubtless have some wonderful whizzy new listing features that will make TurboLister look like the decades old tool it really is. Yes, even TurboLister 2 is over 10 years old and only on eBay would people seriously consider still using software from a decade ago!

eBay have to decide where to put their focus and that’s the next generation of tools: Hello Seller Hub, Farewell TurboLister.

Final Thought: Does this make my never used TurboLister 1 Installation CD more valuable?