eBay Seller Release: eBay finally get Dolphin Friendly

DolphinsEight years ago Sue penned what was to become one of the most heavily trafficed posts of all time on Tamebay: “eBay need to get dolphin-friendly sooner“. It’s also one of the posts with the most ever reader comments.

In today’s Seller Release it appears that eBay have finally heeded her words and recognised that sellers, no matter how good, sometimes fall foul of seller standards and it’s not always their fault. Sometimes it can be a rash of totally unreasonable buyers. Sometimes it can be outside circumstances such as sudden illness, floods, fires, burglaries, courier failure and any number of other events that conspire to mess up our otherwise faultless service.

When this happens eBay’s often draconian punishments fall into place with accounts limited, suspended, demoted and punished. The problem with this is that the seller often recognises what went wrong, knows how to correct it, but because they’ve now got a severe listing restriction can’t gain enough sales and good feedback to balance out that resulting from the disaster. A month down the line, another review and they’re kicked off eBay for not having pulled their account back up above standard.

This is all about to change!

eBay is to help delinquent sellers recover

From 20 October 2016, if your seller level falls Below Standard, you’ll find clear, actionable guidance on how to get back on track on your seller standards dashboard. Plus eBay will defer performance-based selling limits, as long as your account is demonstrably improving.

3 Months Grace to recover

eBay will tell you exactly why you’re below standard, give every help to get you back on track and most importantly they will defer any performance-based selling limits or selling restrictions on your account for 3 months.

(NB The 3‐month period doesn’t apply to other performance‐related consequences, such as lower search placement, fund holds and the loss of Anchor and Premium Shop privileges. Other eBay policy violations could result in selling limits or selling restrictions on your account).

Ongoing recovery protection

If, after those 3 months, your status is still Below Standard but you’re showing improvement, (i.e. your defect rate or rate of cases closed without seller resolution (or both) is lower than when you entered Below Standard), eBay will continue to protect your account for another month.

As long you show improvement, eBay will continue protecting your account on a monthly basis.

Why it matters

In the past, especially for those sellers who’s seller performance is measured on a year long look back period (rather than 3 months), once you slipped below standard it was nigh on impossible to recover. With this new protection it appears Devin Wenig and his new team have listened to sellers over the past year and finally put in place a plan to help fantastic sellers who have one bad blip to recover.

The only complaint about this new policy is why have we had to wait eight years for someone to listen and act? At long last eBay have some Dolphin friendly seller standard policies and it’s long overdue.

photo credit: Roby Ferrari