eBay Neighbourhood Pilot goes live today

eBay Neighbourhood, eBay’s new peer to peer assisted selling services, launches in pilot form today. We understand that there are trial areas live in London, Manchester and Glasgow.

eBay Neighbourhood is a service that allows trusted eBay sellers to help customers shift their stuff, which could be set to replace the Trading Assistant Program if it proves successful.

Trusted sellers are invited by eBay to offer an assisted service to item owners in their area. Unlike the trading assistant program where sellers could set their own fees, with eBay Neighbourhood commissions are set at 40% commission based on the final sale price.

The selling commission is to cover the eBay and PayPal fees as well as your admin fees for selling the item. However by taking part in the neighbourhood programme, you will also benefit from free insertion and 20% off final value fees for your first 200 listings per day on eBay.co.uk – even those that are not part of the eBay Neighbourhood programme.

eBay will alert 1.5 million users (potential Neighbourhood customers), to the fact that there are sellers in their area who are happy to help them sell. With eBay estimating that the average home has £4,000 worth of unwanted goods, there are a lot of opportunities for consumers to make some easy cash with little or no effort.

As with eBay’s Assisted Selling program in Pilot with Stuff U Sell, getting consumers to make some cash on eBay isn’t the ultimate end game. eBay have known for years that a buyer who makes just one sale goes on to be a more regular and thus valuable buyer in the future. That’s almost certainly the case even if they don’t make the sale themselves.