eBay messages glitch with foreign sign in pages

eBay-Messages-Log-In-GlitchFor the past couple of days there’s been a glitch on eBay messages. When some sellers have gone to answer a message from a buyer, they have been asked to log into an overseas eBay site – often one in a language that they don’t speak!

One seller told us “It has happened when we have tried to action various tasks for example selecting the messages tab or clicking on our seller manager pro summary page. A refresh of the page seems to clear it and sends us to the correct screen but we have had this at least a dozen times today“.

It’s a bit frustrating, but not the end of the world, sellers who use third party tools to answer messages shouldn’t be affected, neither will those who reply from their email program such as Outlook. If you are trying to access messages and see a strange log in screen at least you’ll know it’s not just you… it’s just a glitch.